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Some really cute ladies are to see out on the streets in Kiruna ... But such a shame - many of them in workwear and dirty heavy boots. This maskuline appearance seems to be good for the industry but it is causing pain to a man's soul. The idea to change this situation came up after a night with M. at the campfire: After some beers a pair of old safety boots had ended up in the flames ... While cleaning the site next morning I found a toe-cap and a sole of - kind of bullet-proof - steel. This was the hour of birth for a unique piece of fashion that prevents the feminine appearance of hundreds of women in the construction business. And that goes together with rules and laws because it is still protective...

The Kiruna - Stiletto was born !

In case you should be tired of the elephantic appearance of your princess just follow the instructions below

take old soles and an old toe-cap

... no disadvantage to burn it for desinfection !

metallic colour in spray cans, a bolt as heel

paint it and glue it with Loctite

Voilà - your darling will be the star at work !